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Serving Butler, PA & Surrounding Areas
Professional Pet Grooming in YOUR driveway!

Established in 2002 with 20+ years of grooming and pet care experience

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Our Services

bullet Creative Canines brings the style of a salon atmosphere to the convenience and privacy of your home. Your pet will receive professional, personalized and uninterrupted attention.
bullet Our completely customized van ensures that your pet will be warm and snug in the winter , cool and comfortable in the summer. It is completely self-contained and has no power cords running too your outlets. There is no discharge of unsightly water in your driveway.
bullet All grooming services include ear cleaning, nail trimming, a "pet-style", if desired, and scissoring. In all baths, Specialty shampoos and conditioners are used for each coat and skin type. Our flea bath is all natural and botanical, containing no dangerous, harsh chemicals or poisons. We use only top-of -the-line products and equipment in a safe and sanitary environment.
bullet All pet-styles are customized to your specifications. The pet stylist is a graduate of PA Academy of Pet Grooming with continuing education at seminars.
bullet When the pet-stylist comes to you it is a totally different experience for the dog. The dynamics include only your dog and the stylist meaning less stress for your pet. Your dog is immediately bathed and groomed. When finished, the dog steps out of the van and is already home, usually within a 60 to 90 minute time span. No tranquilizers are EVER used.  


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